Writing in the Sauútiverse

Here’s more information to help us proceed – details and steps we plan to take together.

Sauúti in six easy steps

  1. Agreement: Please look at the contributor agreement and see if you’re happy with our operating framework. If you’ve read it and would like to proceed, kindly confirm your interest by replying to this email.
    We’ll then send you the Sauútiverse contributor agreement to sign, and two members of the collective will countersign. If you have any questions, please let us know. Once the agreement is out of the way, we then get to the more fun part!
  2. Resources: We’ve published an abridged version of the story bible that details the Sauútiverse, and the creation myth, a foundational Sauúti myth. Please read both the story bible and creation myth to get a sense of this world. We hope the exercise is a muse for ideas about stories you might like to tell.
  3. Pitch: Once you have an idea of the Sauútiverse and have a story concept, the next step is to share with us a story pitch. Here is an example of a story pitch.
    Your pitch can be a short written synopsis, briefly outlining your idea. Or you can simply come to one of the Sauúti collective biweekly meetings and verbally pitch your idea.
    This point of the pitch is, really, to check that your idea doesn’t unduly reproduce or contradict something already explored. You don’t have to read every single Sauúti story to explore the Sauútiverse – we can brainstorm ideas for your story together.
  4. Story: Write your story to a maximum of 6,000 words for this specific anthology. Other Sauútiverse stories can be as long as 10,000 words, or as short as you like – yes, even sudden fiction. Any genre. Any style. How fun is that?
    We also accept poetry and prose poetry.
  5. Acceptance: Happy with your story (or poem)? Send it to us – again, simply to check that it doesn’t reproduce or contradict something already explored. Once we accept your work, it becomes yet another awesome Sauúti story (or poem)!
  6. Publication: Each anthology will have its own timeframes, depending on the publication arrangement. Please stay true to the timelines for Sauúti Terrors: The Dark Side. We understand you’re probably busy with other projects, and life happens. Do tell us early if we need to see how best to accommodate you.

Remember: You own the copyright to your story. Our contributor agreement allows you to find a good home to publish your work elsewhere, if it doesn’t make this anthology.


The Sauúti Creation Myth

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