The History of Sauúti

The project initiated in 2021, is a collaboration between Nigerian sci-fi writer Wole Talabi, Haitian-American sci-fi writer and Syllble founder Fabrice Guerrier, and Brittle Paper.

After his call for African and African diaspora participants at the end of 2021, Wole Talabi convened the first video call with the interested collaborators on 6 March 2022. Based all over the globe, and from various backgrounds, it was immediately apparent how well the team’s dynamic would work. Much of the themes and groundwork was pitched in that first session for what would eventually become the Sauútiverse.

Meeting every fortnight, with some dealing with late nights/early mornings, rain and snow, and shifting timezone daylight savings, the next two years would bring forth rewarding creative ideas for African science fiction and fantasy world building.

The Original Call for Writers

On Sunday, November 7, 2021 Wole Talabi wrote:

Hi guys,

I want to gauge interest of the experienced writers in the community in creating a fictional future Africa in which multiple stories by multiple authors can be set. A shared world with a broad set of interesting settings, ideas and concepts but with enough flexibility to host a lot of smaller stories. This will be a foundation project for more to come.

The creation of this world will take place using the Syllble platform –

If anyone is interested in being part of the core group to help create this world, starting early next year, and has the time to dedicate to it (about 2 – 3 hours a week for 6 – 8 weeks), please let me know by sending a direct reply to me.

I’ll keep collecting responses for the next 3 weeks to give everyone enough time to respond, so please let me know.



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